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Wellington Lawyer elected President of Italian Chamber of Commerce in NZ Inc. 

Wellington lawyer Michael Stephens has been elected President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand (ICCNZ) at the ICCNZ’s annual general meeting held in Wellington on Wednesday, 7 May 2014. Michael was previously a Vice President and replaces Elizabeth Maxwell of Christchurch who has been President since 2010. Ms Maxwell remains on the ICCNZ Council as Immediate Past President.

Michael Stephens has been the honorary legal adviser to ICCNZ since it was established in 2000 and is the principal of Stephens Lawyers.

In addition to the incoming President Michael Stephens, the 2014/2015 ICCNZ Council will comprise: Cav. Antonio Cacace of La Bella Italia, Vice President; Roberto Draghi, Cornell Institute, Auckland Vice President; Rachel Priestley of The Prodigal Daughter, Vice President; Elizabeth Maxwell, ESP Ventures, Immediate Past President; Kristy Grant of Mediterranean Shipping Company, Treasurer; Mariano Leonti of WordPower; Rob McGregor of Accentuate+ Public Relations; Sandy Rich of Alpine Furs; Dr.ssa Antontella Lorenzini of Cartesio Studio Associato; and Gianfranco Ugazzi, Secretary General. The Italian Ambassador acts as the Honorary President of ICCNZ.  

Michael Stephens said, “I would like to acknowledge the great contribution Liz Maxwell has made over the past nine years. Under her leadership, the Chamber has grown in grown in stature, and significantly enhanced its Member services promoting Italian/New Zealand business opportunities due to her commitment and the support of our Council and Members.”




The mission of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand is to stimulate, facilitate and foster trade, investment and opportunities between New Zealand and Italy and to encourage joint ventures and the exchange of knowledge by acting as a catalyst for the commercial energies of both countries.

This is achieved by focusing on Italian companies wishing to establish commercial or industrial links with New Zealand, Italian companies or their representative offices already established in New Zealand and New Zealand firms wanting to develop business in the Italian markets.

Incorporated in 2000, ICCNZ promotes bilateral trade, provides information and support to companies in international trade, general consultations, referrals, import and export data, workshops, market research, trade fairs and trade delegations, interpreting, trade mark registration and litigation.

ICCNZ is built on the support of many who are passionate about New Zealand Italy connections - through personal, business and cultural interests - and our aim is to build and grow these connections through shared support and networks.

Connected with the Italian Chambers in the World and the Embassy of Italy in New Zealand, ICCNZ can therefore assist and promote your business in many ways.

01:40PM Tuesday, 13 May, 2014

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