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Pask announces a major redevelopment of its Omahu Road winery

The Pask Winery Board are thrilled to announce their plans for a $2m plus redevelopment of the Pask Winery complex on Omahu Road.

In announcing the development, Jeff Hart, Managing Director of Benton Wines which owns both the iconic Pask operation in the Hawkes Bay and Jackson Estate in Marlborough said the time was right to give the winery a full makeover.

Since the Pask Winery was established in 1989, the area around Omahu Road has shown phenomenal growth, and the Pask facilities are strategically placed to offer a long-needed modern entertainment facility.

Jeff Hart said, "The growth of the combined Group has led to the requirement for increased processing capacity and a much-needed upgrade to cope with increasing visitor numbers."

The first stage will include revamping the production facilities, with work on the front of house to commence once the 2021 vintage has been completed. The redevelopment will result in an integrated winery and boutique brewery facility.

The second stage will include a fully landscaped indoor/outdoor front of house which will highlight the range of award-winning Pask and Jackson Estate wines in addition to a wide range of boutique crafted beers brewed freshly on site.

Work has commenced on-site and it is anticipated the first stage will be completed before the 2021 vintage.


About Pask

Pask Winery is a Hawke’s Bay wine producer and founding grower for the Gimblett Gravels region, best known for its estate-grown Bordeaux-varietal red wines, Chardonnay and Syrah.

With over 35 years in the business, every bottle of Pask wine embodies the decades of experience, an ethos of sustainability and care taken during every step of the winemaking process, elegantly expressing our unique terroir.

Pask announces a major redevelopment of its Omahu Road winery

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