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MedicAlert® Foundation has succeeded in having a copycat Medical ID provider removed from online reseller platform ‘Wish’ for violating the Foundation’s intellectual property, claiming to be a MedicAlert® Medical ID and misleading consumers by giving the impression they provide an equivalent service supported product.

MedicAlert® Foundation chief executive Murray Lord said, “Copycat Medical IDs pose a serious risk to both patients and first responders in the event of a medical emergency. These copycat products are wide open for abuse and supply of false information, possibly based on incorrect self-diagnosis, by people who genuinely don’t know any better, with no systems in place to protect them.

“This could present a serious threat to someone’s safety. If one false copycat ID cannot be trusted, all similar false ID’s using the same non-MedicAlert uncontrolled logo cannot be trusted. Always look for the trusted MedicAlert® Logo to be safe.

“Medical IDs sold online and claiming to be MedicAlert® or a product with equivalent safety standards, don’t stand up to the most basic level of scrutiny. Their advertising is simply intended to influence consumers to purchase their products unaware of the risks they are exposing themselves too: this is entirely unethical for such a vitally important lifesaving information device.”

This follows a similar action taken late last year by MedicAlert® Foundation International that resulted in Google agreeing to not accept advertisements from copycat Medical ID providers using MedicAlert® Trademarks on its platform.

Murray Lord says, “These are significant breakthroughs that protect MedicAlert® Foundation’s trademarks and stop unsupported Medical IDs being advertised as if they were MedicAlert® Medical IDs.”

MedicAlert® Foundation does not sell its products through online platforms such as Google, Wish or Facebook. The only way to purchase a genuine MedicAlert Medical ID online, is on the Foundation’s website:

Murray Lord says, “It is extremely important that people are aware of the serious risks associated with using copycat or false Medical IDs. They are not an alternative to a Medic Alert® Medical ID and have none of the health, safety, privacy and identity fraud protection standards provided by a MedicAlert® Medical ID.

“Your life or future quality of life is not worth the risk these copycat products present. For those experiencing financial hardship, support may also be available for MedicAlert®’s service. The Foundation is addressing this most serious risk caused by these bad actors on an international basis, at its own cost. If you would like to help support the Foundation, donations are most welcome and can be made via its website:”



About MedicAlert

MedicAlert® is a non-profit registered charity which has been operating in New Zealand since 1962.

Our mission is to save lives by providing medical information in emergency situations. Any Health Service Provider or Emergency Service Provider can access vital information in the best interest of the Health Consumer, at any time, on any day of the year.

Internationally, MedicAlert® has been saving lives for over 50 years. 

In emergency situations, responders and clinicians need a simple way to get more trustworthy information about you, that's why they check for the famous, body worn MedicAlert® Medical ID. They know your vital information comes directly from your doctor so they can trust it and act on it immediately.

A MedicAlert® Medical ID is not just considered to be a piece of jewellery – it is a life-saving information device that offers greater peace of mind through a full range of support services including:

  • MedicAlert® Foundation is the only Medical ID service that provides a 24/7 emergency hotline to support first responders with vital information on your medical condition
  • the ability to keep your medical records up to date at all times
  • a unique medical ID number connected to your specific medical information
  • a membership services office available during business hours
  • a medical emergency wallet card (which can be updated as and when required).
  • More detailed service information is listed with accessible narrative, available on the Foundation’s website homepage

Emergency Services and Health Professionals can inherently trust information from MedicAlert® Foundation because it is always independently clinically validated.

New Zealand Health Practitioners refer their patients to receive MedicAlert® Services to enable more timely diagnosis and treatment in an emergency and to prevent avoidable harm.

MedicAlert® provides international protection. Wherever you go - MedicAlert® can provide peace of mind.

MedicAlert® Foundation acts to stop the promotion of copycat Medical IDs that risk consumers health

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