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Google to stop copycat Medical IDs using MedicAlert® trademarks

MedicAlert® Foundation International (MAFUS) has won a major concession from Google, the US-based internet company. Google will no longer accept advertisements from copycat Medical ID providers using MedicAlert® Trademarks including its emblem on its platform.

This is a significant breakthrough that protects MedicAlert® Foundation’s trademarks and stops unsupported Medical IDs being advertised as if they were MedicAlert® Medical IDs.

MedicAlert® Foundation chief executive Murray Lord said, “Copycat Medical IDs pose a serious risk to both patients and first responders in the event of a medical emergency if identification and validated patient health information is not easily accessible.

“MedicAlert® is the only Medical ID service that is backed by a New Zealand-based 24/7 emergency hotline to support first responders with vital information on your medical condition – no other copycat Medical ID provides this benefit.

“We have become increasingly concerned about copycat Medical IDs being advertised as MedicAlert IDs to deceive and mislead online consumers. This resulted in MAFUS laying a complaint with Google who have confirmed that in future such advertisements will not be displayed on their platform.”

Copycat Medical IDs have been advertised as Medic Alert or Medical Alert IDs, but they are not registered or supported by the 24/7 emergency hotline providing first responders with accurate information about your medical status and identity when you cannot speak, or communicate.

In the Foundations experience they also break privacy protection rules enforced by the Foundation, which can lead to breaches of privacy and potentially identity fraud. It is never advisable to publicly display your NHI number on a public facing Medical ID.

With MedicAlert® Service, NHI numbers are accessible in appropriate circumstances, for medical professional and emergency service use only, through its 24/7 supporting services. This ensures private information is only released when need be in your best interests and in between is retained securely to protect your privacy.

If you are unsure about the suitability or clinical validity of your Medical ID, MedicAlert® Foundation is offering to help. Visit your GP and complete a MedicAlert® Enrolment form. Return this form and your payment to enrol to the Foundation, together with the copycat ID.

We will then activate the support services you need and provide you with a new clinically validated custom engraved and service supported stainless-steel Medical ID at no additional cost.

“It is extremely important people are aware of the serious risks presented by using copycat IDs, they are not a Medic Alert® Medical ID and have none of the health, safety, privacy and identity fraud protection standards provided by a MedicAlert® Medical ID,” Murray Lord said.


Google to stop copycat Medical IDs using MedicAlert® trademarks

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